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Welcome to Aplus Computer Repair. we serve the areas of Wilmington NC,Leland NC,Hampstead NC, Wrightsville beach NC ,Carolina Beach NC here is a small list of services we offer but are not limited too.

Virus Removal

spybot,virus,trojan,malware removal

Viruses are horrible, they can do all kinds of things such as delete system registry files, track all the places you have gone on the internet, steal passwords, banking information, and take over your computer completely paralyzing it.

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Power Jack Repair

we fix your broken power jacks

Over time from taking your adapter and pluggint it and and out you can accidentally damage your power jack. sometimes the leads inside the power jack can break or simply fail. if you are experiencing problems with your power jack click here.

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LCD repair

We can make it like new

Accidents happen. everyone makes mistakes. But sometimes LCd screens can go bad on their own.

some Lcds can have vertical lines,horizontal lines, dead pixels. click here to learn more about LCD repair

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Network Trouble Shooting

we connect computers to the web

Ever have problems trying to figure out how to get online because you dont know if your router is properly working? ever have issues with netlfix on your blue ray player? ever have problems with your neighbors stealing your bandwidth? we can help.

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Data Recovery

we help recover data from corrupt hard drives

you never know when your hard drive is going to die. we are here to help recover your data. whether the data is wedding pictures,music library, cad drawings, or private financial data...we're here to help recover your valuables. we also help with online storage and backups.

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Mac Repair

we dont just fix PC's, we fix macs too!

We like fixing everything including macintosh apple technology. we fix macbook pros, ipads,iphones, g4,g5 towers, macbook thin air, ipods.

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Ipad Repair

We repair ipad screens.If you break them, we can fix them.

Everybody makes mistakes. we're all human. if you need your LCD/glass for your ipad replaced…you've come to the right place.

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Iphone Repair

We offer the best prices and deliver it back quickly

Accidents happen. And if you ever happen to accidentally step on your iphone or if you happen to accidentally drop it while walking up a tall building...we are the ones to call! We repair broken or smashed LCD/digitizers for all generations of the apple iphone product line.

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