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  • Virus Removal

    Dont let Viruses hold your computer hostage. we dont just offer short term results, we offer long term results and show you how to prevent future problems

    we can back up and scrub your valuable data
    we can perform complete overhauls so their is no chance the virus can survive!
    we offer a 10-15 min demo to show performance increase and added feature
    we offer free diagnostics and inform the customer whats really going wrong!

  • Ipad LCD Repair

    Everybody makes mistakes. we’re all human. if you need your LCD/glass for your ipad replaced…you’ve come to the right place.

    OEM parts
    Competitive Prices
    fast turn-Arounds
    Free Shipping

  • LCD Repair for broken Laptop screens

    We replace and repair all kinds of LCD screens every month. if you have a PC laptop, we can fix it. If you have a broken LCD for a mac book pro, we can fix it. If you have an ipad and you accidentally stepped on it m we can fix it!

    quick turn arounds
    best prices in town
    we buy OEM lcds so they always work with your device
    we replace inverters and LCDs(CFL and LED)

  • Data Recovery

    sometimes people forget to backup their data. it happens. right when they are least expecting it their hard drive crashes.

    what do you do? it’s easy call our on-site recovery department and we will get you back the data that you wished you never lost. we have fixed rates! call us you wont be dissappointed!

  • Power Jack Repair

    Ever wiggle your power adapter and your laptop comes on and off intermittently? sometimes this can be your power jack. the power jack is the actual plug that is soldered into your motherboard.

    Over time the contacts can break or become bad and start to fail. we offer power jack repair at affordable prices in a timely fashion!

  • Network Troubleshooting

    So you are having problems getting online and you dont know what to do!

    you urgently need to get online to make a bid on an important ebay auction, or you need to get online to finish a paper, maybe you need to skype a loved one who lives in another country. for what ever the reason you need to get online, we’re here to help you figure out why you can get online. all you have to do is call and we do the rest.

  • Keyboard Repair

    As seasons change, so do termperatures and humidity. this can create problems for your plastic keyboards. the plastic is expanding and compressing and becoming more brittle. before you know it your Letter ” A” pops off and you cant seem to get it back on. Its kind of important as the english language really utilizes the letter “A” alot! we repair keyboards all the time.

    All you have to do is call us and we will provide a long term solution for your keyboard challenges.

  • Apple Repair

    we love Macs and we think they are great machines. But sometimes

    even macs have some problems. whether you need a system upgrade, have a virus(they do exist), need a LCD ,keyboard,dvd drive repair…we cab help! we have some of the best prices your can find and you will love our turn over time. we also offer one on one tutoring. so if you are new to apple products or have an older family member who just needs a little bit of help understanding something we can help!

  • PC Repair

    We repair all kinds of PC products. we repair Laptops manufactured by dell, asus,sony,Lenovo,toshiba, acer, HP,compaq, and gateway. we also can build PC Desktops to your specifications. if you need your ram upgraded, if you need a new a new Hard drive installed, if you need a Network interface card installed, or have a virus we can help. lots of times when our customers get their pc laptops back they are excited to see their computers run much faster, with new added features. we also inform our clients on preventive maintenance and how to optimize their computer experience with savvy tips and tricks!

  • iPhone Repair

    Accidents happen. And if you ever happen to accidentally step on your iphone or if you happen to accidentally drop it while walking up a tall building…we are the ones to call! We repair broken or smashed LCD/digitizers for all generations of the apple iphone product line.
    We offer the best prices and deliver it back quickly and if you are out of town, you pay to ship to us and once its fixed we ship back to the customer for free! Call us today for more details.

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Wilmington, NC Computer Repair and Laptop Repair Services from A Plus Computer Repair

We specialize in desktop computer repair and laptop repair. Additionally, we service LCD screens, performing LCD screen repair, power jack repairs, and can repair Apple products including iPad, Macinitosh, iPhone, and perform data recovery and virus removal.

Why Choose Our Services

We offer fast-turnaround service, competitive prices, straight forward communication and onsite delivery. No one in Wilmington NC can give you a better deal when it comes to computer laptop repair

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