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Virus Removal

Dont let Viruses hold your computer hostage. we dont just offer short term results, we offer long term results and show you how to prevent future problems

  • we can back up and scrub your valuable data
  • we can perform complete overhauls so their is no chance the virus can survive!
  • we offer a 10-15 min demo to show performance increase and added feature
  • we offer free diagnostics and inform the customer whats really going wrong!

Welcome to A Plus Computer Repair

Everyday someone has a problem with being able to use their everyday electronics. whether it is a cellphone, ipad, pc laptop or mac…everyone wants to do one thing with it:use it! unfortunatley alot of people dont know who to turn to. thats were we come into play. we help people get back to doing what they love to do! most of the time we not only improve their devices but we show them new ways in which they can use them with maintenance tips,education and with new apps.

More On Viruses

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