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Keyboard Repair

As seasons change, so do temperatures and humidity. this can create problems for your plastic keyboards. the plastic is expanding and compressing and becoming more brittle. before you know it your Letter " A" pops off and you cant seem to get it back on. Its kind of important as the english language really utilizes the letter "A" alot! we repair keyboards all the time.

  • We repair with OEM parts only
  • Fast turn arounds-usually 3-5 business days
  • Professional Installation & testing
  • We offer some of the most best prices anywhere!
  • We also demo how to clean & maintain your keyboard
  • Full Keyboard replacements Only!

Welcome to A Plus Computer Repair


Everyday someone has a problem with being able to use their everyday electronics. whether it is a cellphone, Ipad, pc laptop or mac…everyone wants to do one thing with it:use it! unfortunately alot of people don't know who to turn to. thats were we come into play. we help people get back to doing what they love to do! most of the time we not only improve their devices but we show them new ways in which they can use them with maintenance tips,education and with new apps.

Full Keyboard Replacements only

Some of our clients only want us to replace 1 key or maybe just 2 keys on their keyboard. Unfortunately over time the properties of the plastic mechanics underneath the actual keys breakdown and this leads to a malfunction. Planned obsolescence, humidity, and dryness can make the plastic expand and contract and this results in the keys or the pips popping off.

Obviously we like to offer long term solutions and we have found the best way to do that is by only installing brand new OEM Keyboards back into the laptop!